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Inamullah Khan CV, Engineer, Civil from Afghanistan


Inamullah Khan CV, Engineer, Civil from Afghanistan


Inamullah Khan CV, Engineer, Civil from Afghanistan

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Inamullah Khan CV, Engineer, Civil from Afghanistan

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Inamullah Khan CV, Engineer, Civil from Afghanistan


Mr. Inamullah Khan

Date of Birth:



Engineer, Civil

Education & Training:

B.Sc Civil

Please check the CV

Year(s) of Experience:


Experience in Country(ies):

Afghanistan, Mali, Pakistan

Text of Complete CV:

Over 14 years of professional experience with (ADB( Asian Development Bank) / EC ( European Commission) / World Bank / UNHCR / USAID and KFW) projects Under International Organization’s and Consultants, in progressively responsible management and technical positions in Mali Africa, Pakistan and Afghanistan primarily in project designing, project management, construction management, monitoring, evaluation and reporting. Have extensive experience in preparation of sector level technical proposals for USACE projects, irrigation and water management and rural development infrastructure projects particularly in Kabul, Jalalabad , Kunduz, Badakhshan and Mazar-e-Sharif, Peshawar design and implementation of COs/WUAs/FOs capacity building programs. Extensive experience in preparing project budgets, project contract documents, Contract evaluation, SOW and writing project progress and completion reports. Strong negotiating skills and extensive experience in project presentation at steering committee, supervisory boards and to the donor missions.

• Over 14 years of experience in Construction management, Design, Implementation, Contracting
• Ability to effectively supervise staff and manage an independent budget;
• Ability to communicate with staff, and motivate them ( Project Management)
• Experience in writing of scope of work SOW for subcontractors, Request for Proposal RFP..

A mature and experienced professional with strong analytical and conceptual skills, disciplined for working under tight guidelines and a demonstrated ability to work effectively with colleagues in a multicultural environment. A self-motivated and experienced specialist with presentation skills to liaise effectively with government, donors and civil society at all levels.


Faculty of Engineering Ningarhar Kabul B Sc (hon) Engineering (Civil) 1996
University Afghanistan.

PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP: Professional membership with (AEA) Afghan Engineering Association


Special courses on RCC road culvert designing with excel modeling

Special courses on Contour mapping with (Eagle point and Auto cad R14) 2007

2007 World bank, ILO,EFP (Peshawar)

World bank, ILO,EFP (Peshawar)


• Performance certificate award by the (Technical Advisor/Project Director) ADC Agriculture Development Components Swabi Scarp Project ( ADB& SDC Swiss Development Corporation) on basis of design, implementation, supervision.


1.To attend Training on Technical survey in ( ADC Agriculture Development Components Peshawar (SCARP ADB Project).
2.To attend workshop on River Engineering in (UNJLC United Nation Joint Logistic cell Kabul ) .
3.To attend Workshop on Water-management & Protection Against Flood In( German Agro Action Jalalabad )
4.To attend training workshop on Social plan for NSP (National Solidarity program) in ISRA International Jalalabad.
5.To attend workshop on River Basin and Water- Management of Irrigation System in KRBP Kunduz .
6.To attend training work shop on (Hydraulic Structure design) in Germen Agro Action office Kunduz.
7.To attend Training work shop on Project management cycle, monitoring and evaluation in KRBP office Baghlan.
8.To attend Engineering workshop on Hydraulic structures design and bidding documents procedure in KRBP office Kunduz.
9.To attend the Environmental management System workshop in PADCO AECOM in ALP-N USAID office Fiazabad Badakhshan.
10.To attend First Aid Training course with RMSI PADCO AECOM in ALP-N USAID office Fiazabad Badakhshan.
11.To attend the Developing Environmental management System to mitigate adverse impacts of project activities workshop in AECOM international in ALP-N USAID office Fiazabad Badakhshan.


• English - Written, spoken and comprehension - Fluent
• Pashto - Written, spoken and comprehension - Native
• Dari - Spoken and comprehension - Good


• Super Calculation SC5 Engineering calculation program
with cost estimation.

• AUTO CAD 14/2004/2006 With 10 years working experience .
• MS Project (project planning)

• Office Automation .( Excel, Ms Word)

• Lotus 124 R 5

• Mecca Ferri 2 ( Gabion Weirs, Drop Structures)

• Gawac Win 2002 ( Gabion Analysis Design for Retaining walls)

• Internet Accessories .
• Sap 2000
• Surfer (for
• Topographic survey
• Slab/beamdesign program
• Retaining walls (quick wall)
• Win flume design
• Drop structures ver/inclined
• Smada for Gabion and Riprap With Hydraulic structures design
• 3d Home
• Ms Visio 2000
• Flow pro for canal design
• Channel pro with (gabion Design)
• Spillway computer design
• Energy D Drop structure design
• Beam pro

Too much design spread sheets
. Strong verbal and written skills, ability to multi-task effectively
Strong negotiation skills and extensive experience in writing reports, preparation of
project proposals and communication with donors and Govt: organizations; addressing multi-tasks related to project policy, administrative and budget matters at steering


1. Presently Working as:

POSITION : Sr Engineer/ Project Manager (Alatona Infrastructure Project Mali Africa)
EMPLOYER : SNC Lavalin (Canadian Development Consultant)
DURATION : 01 Jul 2009 Till to Date

• Supervise and manage the technical support team.
• Responsible for collating technical documents such as the validation of construction drawings and BOQ and then preparing corresponding technical specifications and other documentations required for bidding.
• This activity consists of tracking the contractors' work based on the approved work plan and assisting the contractors to resolve operational issues that affect progress.
• Lead all engineering designs for main conveyance system and infrastructures.
• Lead all technical design structures including bridges, head regulators, cross- regulators and general outlet structures with standard or automatic gates to regulate flow.
• Prepare the quality Assurance Plan.
• Realize or take part in the WBS 100 activities

KFW-World Bank / IDA Project
POSITION : Deputy Team Leader/ Construction Management (Water For Kabul Project)
EMPLOYER : JV- Fichtner (Water & Transportation) -IGIP-BETS (GmbH-German Development Consultant)
DURATION : 20 Jul 2008 Till MAY 31st 2009

• Responsibilities:
• Analyzing and providing comments on the World Bank Aide Memories of preparation, pre-appraisal and appraisal missions, Preparation of Technical Annex for tender documents.
• Assist the TL in managing the dialogue with government agencies (MoUD, AUWSS, KWS) on all STP and MTP activities (design, procurement, construction, handover); maintain and develop trust and confidence of leading staff in MoUD (including new departments such as the MoUD Procurement Committee and UWSS unit, AUWSSC; collaborate with other main stakeholders (including Kabul Municipality, district officials, KWS, National Water Council, private sector, sector donors incl. WB & KfW ) in promoting the implementation of Kabul II project.
• Managing and supervising the project budgets, contractor invoices, including: planning, procurement, tracking progress and expenditure, reporting and ensuring product quality assurance, Assist in office management incl. staff.
• Play a role in sector coordination, supporting the client to take the leading role and working with other development partners to harmonize approaches and build strong sector coalitions (ie. with WB/KURP, GTZ, USAID, etc.); be proactive in maintaining constructive relationships with other sector players including USAID, ICRC, UN-Habitat and GTZ.
• Preparation of Procurement Plan, budget and Managing bidding processes
• Preparation of technical specifications & letter of acceptance for all project tender documents.
• Preparation of Draft Bid documents and finalization of Bid documents
• Providing input to the assessment and management of contractor claims and Supervises, negotiations of professional services contracts and ensures rates and costs are consistent with most recent industry surveys.

USAID Project
POSITION : Team Leader Infrastructure / Structural Engineer (Alternative Development Program North)
EMPLOYER : AECOM International
DURATION : Oct 2006 To 19 July 2008
PROJECT AREA: Faizabad Badakhshan

• Responsibilities:
• Complete final proposals of irrigation works, including designs,RFP, topographical surveys, technical drawings, bills of quantities, technical specifications, technical and financial evaluation of project bids and SOW.
• Arrange coordination with stakeholders (farming communities and public authorities).
• Arrange coordination with other sections within ALP/N (infrastructure CFW, Agriculture and Business Development) .
• Establish mode of execution of works.
• Preparation of technical specifications for bidding documents according to USAID standards.
• Supervise the execution of works (subcontracted works and works executed under ALP/N and community co-responsibility).
• Arrange coordination with the Environmental Management Section within ALP/N regarding compliance with relevant rules
• All other engineering related tasks as indicated by the supervisor of the incumbent.
• Supervision of execution of sub-contracts and works executed under community co-responsibility implies.
• Quality control & manage contracting processes to ensure the achievement of quality contractual standards and project sustainability.
• Manage contract negotiations with top ranked firm, review and recommended for approval contract documents.
• Compliance with essential environmental regulations and regulations and good customs and practices related to workmen safety.
• Prequalification of sub contractors for infrastructure department according to USAID procedure.
• Preparation of structure design for MHP ( Micro Hydro Power) Projects.
• Review and recommend for approval Requests for Proposals, co-ordinate pre-bid meetings, develop technical evaluation sheets, co-ordinate evaluation process, prepare Technical Evaluation Reports..
• Preparation of bid analysis for contract award procedure and assist contract specialist in financial evaluation.
• Serve as the program’s senior engineer and maintain senior authority over construction operations throughout the program.
• Manage the Engineering and Support team.

ADB ( Asian Development Bank) Project
POSITION : National Consultant/ Civil Eng ( EIRRP/ Emergency Irrigation Rehabilitation & Reconstruction Project
TIC / Traditional Irrigation Components.)
EMPLOYER : PCI (Pacific Consultant International Asia)
DURATION : May 2006 To Oct 2006
PROJECT AREA: Mazar- Sharif

• Responsibilities:
• Assume overall responsibility for the construction management supervision of the all local construction management.
• Work with contractors to develop solution to problems that arise in the implementation of subproject.
• Work with MEW staff assist in developing and executing a capacity development program for construction supervision.
• Undertake hydraulic and structure design of irrigation, river diversion, and related structures.
• Undertake supervise preparation of drawings using computer software’s.
• Work with the procurement specialist in the preparation of tender and contract documents especially in estimation.
• Prepare standard designs for selected commonly- required works, to provide MEW with a foundation specific structures based.
• To manage engineering section in supervision monitoring and design.
• To prepare technical workshop for engineering team especially in Hydraulic design calculation.
• Design of Proto type Flume, Proportional divider, Open fume, Box Culvert, Inclined and vertical drop, spillways etc.
• Assist procurement and contract specialist in pre-qualification of sub contractors and contracting procedure.
• Evaluation of technical and financial proposal for different projects

EC ( European Commission) Project
POSITION : National Consultant / Engineering & Contract Specialist ( Kunduz River Basin Program)
EMPLOYER : Landell Mills & Mott MacDonald Development Consultant Ltd England
DURATION : March 1, 2005 ToApril 22, 2006

• Responsibilities:
• Preparation of invitation to bid (ITB) for EC (European Union).
• Implementing of irrigation structures projects in three provinces Kunduz, Baghlan, Takhar.
• Pre-qualification of sub contractors and preparation of technical specification for different projects.
• Manage all of meeting with donors and Ministry of Energy and Water.
• Engage in training of the national staff on specialized subjects in the field of irrigation engineering.
• Review invitations to bid, award recommendation and contracts for engineering accuracy and technical adequacy.
• Supervision of ongoing projects which has carried on by sub contractors.
• To prepare proposal for EC for emergency project (Protection Against Flood).
• Topographic survey for design.(By Computer)
• Supervision of Technical survey for canals and minors.
• Preparation of all project BOQ for contracts.
• Manage the Community Development Team and provide oversight of liaison efforts with local communities and government entities.
• Design of hydraulic structures and canal intakes etc and Review of design, and worked in close collaboration with the international design engineer on designing control structures, close to the canal intakes.

World Bank Project
POSITION : Senior Engineer ( National Solidarity Rural Development Program)
EMPLOYER : DACAAR Org (Danish Committee for Aid to Afghan Refugees)
DURATION : From Jan 1, 2004 To Feb 15,2005
PROJECT AREA: Kabul/ Laghman

• Responsibilities:

• Design of retaining wall , super passage ,canal intake,Wiers,Slabs culverts etc .
• Preparation of contract packages for contractor and organization and preparation of unit cost for BOQ.
• Review the system and practice of design and estimation of various infrastructure projects under NSP.
• Facilitate the establishment of water user association WUA,s with senior social expert
• Supervision of ongoing projects which has carried on by contractors, evaluation and clarification of tenders documents.
• To prepare proposal for OC (over site consultant) of design works and estimation in special OC/MRRD format.
• Strengthen the capacity of field supervision by developing village technical supervisors and establishing supervising line of command, Assist in the elaboration of bidding documents and contracting system
• Pre-qualification of contractors and preparation of grading system for construction companies.

World Bank Project
POSITION : Civil Engineer/ Design ( National Solidarity Rural Development Program )
EMPLOYER : ISRA International (Islamic Relief Agency Org)
DURATION : From July23, 2003 To Dec 25, 2003

• Responsibilities:
• Preparation of cost estimate/unit cost for the above mention structures and review it.
• Design small irrigation structures for irrigation project like open flume, APM and fix gate.
• Supervision of the field activities and control quantity and quality.
• Preparation of proposals for different type projects, preparation of sub-project status reports and review.
• Strengthening the capability of communities to design and implement small infrastructures projects.
• Generates monthly progress reports on NSP villages infrastructure projects.
• Develops training modules and methodologies on community-based construction projects.
• Provides technical assistance to community development councils in project implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

UNHCR/ EC ( European Commission) Projects
POSITION : Irrigation Design Engineer / Project Manager ( New Irrigated Lands Program)
EMPLOYER : MADERA Org : Mission of Aid & development for rural Afghanistan
DURATION : From Jan, 2002 To July,1 2003

• Responsibilities:
• Design implementation and review of design.
• Hire, develop and supervise Project team to ensure adequate performance and division of responsibilities.
• Train, mentor and contribute to and atmosphere conductive to personal growth and development for the Project staff, including identifying or facilitating appropriate training opportunities for staff development.
• Manage Project activities to ensure objectives are fulfilled in allotted time frame.
• Help to develop Scope of Work for design and build projects. Develop plans, and cost estimates for projects.
• Manage the collection of baseline and on-going data collection and reporting activities.
• Manage overall Project budget to ensure accurate and timely expenditure for Project activities, in compliance with donor rules and regulations and with MADERA- policies and procedures.
• Provide high quality, timely reports according to internal and external reporting requirements Develop effective communication and visibility strategy for the Project & Provide technical expertise to the MADERA to solve or inspect and draft reports on complex construction problems.

ADB ( Asian Development Bank) Project
POSITION : Irrigation Engineer/ Design ( SWABI SCARP Salinity Control and Reclamation ( Irrigation) project)
EMPLOYER : Lahmayer Germany & NDC Development Consultant ( ADC- Agriculture Development Consultant)
DURATION : From Sep, 1999 To December, 2001
PROJECT AREA: Mardan Pakistan

• Responsibilities:

• Preparation detail bill of quantities / Unit cost.
• Supervision all of contractors activities & implementation.
• Assist the construction manager and Project Director in Pre-qualification of contractor.
• Design/Lay outing and implementation of designed structures such as aqueducts, culverts, retaining walls, siphons, Flow dividers and other irrigation structures.
• To design new/ proposed structures according to established codes and practices and share with the TA.
• To help ADC consultant to propose new structures and provide technical inputs in formulation of project proposals.
• Constantly work on establishment of norms and estimates to help in developing standardized bill of quantities and circulate the same within Water management field offices.
• Bring in the practice of quality design and technical drawing in all the projects.
• To work in close collaboration with TA and keep him aware of the progress of ongoing activities.
• To keep a close contact with Engineering Advisor to make them aware of progress of work.
• Managing the construction team in surveying and identifying sites for related structure with the coordination of Water User Association (WUA,s) and community mobilizer...

ADB ( Asian Development Bank) Project
POSITION : Senior Project Engineer (Canals / Minors Construction Irrigation Project)
EMPLOYER : MYCO Surveyors and Engineers Consultant Ltd
DURATION : From Jan, 1999 To Aug, 1999
PROJECT AREA: Mardan Pakistan

• Preparation of BOQ, Design, and Implementation.
• Complete flow measurement of 920 different type of water courses like Rectangular, parabolic.
• Ensure engineering works complies with design and standard.
• To control the quality and quantity according to the given specification.
• Work closely and build capacity of the local partners CBOs through sharing of knowledge and information and also by conducting variety of capacity building activities.
• Guide and supervise field staff along with local communities in the preparation of water user association (WUA,s).
• Train implementing partners in planning, designing, implementing and monitoring of regular projects in the field.
• Prepare project Work Plan in consultation with all the team members and review it periodically in order to keep track of the progress.

ADB ( Asian Development Bank) Project
POSITION : Trainer (Irrigation System) (Training on Engineering Survey / Management of CBOs and WUA,s)
EMPLOYER : MYCO Surveyors and Engineers Consultant Ltd
DURATION : From Feb, 1998 To December, 1998
PROJECT AREA: Mardan Pakistan


• To gave training on profile survey of canal to Irrigation engineers of water management department.
• To explain different type techniques of survey by level i.e. direct distance, triangles.
• Training on management CBOs (Community Base Organization) & WUAs water user Association.
• Practically training on flow measurement By Flume , Current meters , & by parameters.
• To gave training on topographic survey.

Japan Aid Project
POSITION : Project Supervisor (Construction of Schools / Tube wells)
EMPLOYER : ZASHYA Consultant Ltd
DURATION : From August 1996 T December1997
PROJECT AREA: Peshawar Pakistan


• Supervision of construction work like tube wells, water tank, School and basic health unit.
• Preparation of construction schedule in visitation, quality & quantity check up at site.
• Preparation of BOQ (bill of quantity).
• To assist the preparation of budget the proposal, control of expenditure, preparation of progress report.
• Apply the map by lying on the ground and explain to the sub contractor & fore man.
• To revise the design after construction according to given specification.
• To assist the contractor in implementation of the design.
• Compile final detailed report for the project at the post construction phase.
• Participate in pre- construction and post construction meeting with clients and contractors.
• Manage the project budget and forecast the project completion cost based on current project tenders.



Inamullah Khan CV, Engineer, Civil from Afghanistan
Inamullah Khan CV, Engineer, Civil from Afghanistan



Inamullah Khan CV, Engineer, Civil from Afghanistan

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